Swings On Roundabouts

by The Jonny Keay Band

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Swings On Roundabouts is our second album for the Lipsham Music Records label. It was recorded in the Jonny Lipsham Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The album is a set of seven tales of satirical images and characters - fictional and semi-fictional. "Precious Time " is a playful narrative about the joy-filled and loving intimate relationship between a boy and his father.


released November 30, 2013

Lead vocals, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Synths, Melodica and Clariphone: Jonny Keay

Bass (Fretted and Fretless) and Guitar: Gil Horne

Drums and Percussion: Dave "Snack" Lightly

Guitars: Bob David Bell, Tim Rose

Solo Guitar: Tim Rose

Trumpet: Richard Lucas

Alto Sax: Chris Rawson

Tenor Sax: Roger Keay

Backing Vocals: Bob David Bell, Heather Scott-Smith, Cate Lipsham, Jonny Lipsham

Featured Backing Vocals: Heather Scott-Smith

Produced By: Jonny Keay and Daniel Warburton

Executive producer: Jonny Lipsham

Recording Engineers: Daniel Warburton and Jonny Lipsham

Mixed and Mastered by: Jonny Lipsham

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Jonny Lipsham Studios, with additional recording at Kings Church, Edinburgh

Photography by Jenny Wren

All songs, words and music by: Jonny Keay and (c) 2013



all rights reserved


The Jonny Keay Band Edinburgh, UK

The Jonny Keay Band was formed in 2001 in London, England.

It features a core group of:

Jonny Keay - Lead Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Keys

Gil Horne - Basses and Guitar

Dave "Snack" Lightly - Drums

Plus guest performers.

The band released their first album, Time To Turn in 2007 and have just released their second album called Swings On Roundabouts.

The band are now based in Edinburgh, Scotland
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Track Name: Through A Button Hole
Here comes this rich young fool
Strutting right up to the Master
Sweet threads arrogant and cool
Who is this wanna-be Caspar
He thinks he's got it made
Elected a District Attorney
Legal whizz since he was a kid
Inside his life's on a gurney

Love the pound, love the dollar
And the Yen, Eton Collar
Is it easy to cruise your Audi TT
Through a button hole
Ray Ban shades, Krug champagne
Swiss accounts, own Aquitaine
You must choose but you may lose
If you're not so wise
Your very own soul

I want this abundant life
The one you preach with such passion
I'm well schooled in all of the rules
I even wear Brut Satisfaction
Sell your fleet of Chevrolets
Go sell your villa in Champagne
Give away and follow the Master
Turn Your losses into gain!
Track Name: Sacred Cow
Keep up with the Jones'
They are clearly blessed
They sow some big "seed"
He takes care of the rest
Thousands of crease-less suits
A sea of huge hats
Nodding and waving
Pat themselves on the back

A better you
Your best life now
Get lookin' good
For the sacred cow

Up bright and early
Leave their Seven bedroom home
Drive to their church they call
The Super Dome
Singing and dancing
Aural stroking begins
Tithing to buy Him
Their favourite things

Perfected smiles and
Muscular jaws
Hide from exposure
The slightest flaws
Broadcast on TV
Here's Cliché Boy
Twisting the Scriptures
His delight and joy
Track Name: Swings On Roundabouts
The wily little fox
Revered Professor of Cunning
In his Armani pin-stripe suit
He really does look stunning
With tales of grand pursuits
Encounters and miracles
He regales and amazes
With his well waxed lyrical

He gains the trust for he really must
So to steal more hard-earned crust

A dangerous place to play
Swingin' 'tween friend and foe
So buckle up on the Swings on roundabouts
A dangerous place to play
Roulette with all you know
It's time to jump off the swings on roundabouts

The slithery little Boa
Honoured Doctor of Deceit
With his silken talk and flattery
And avarice replete
With his smile that defiles
He fills the pews each night
With flakes of truth in the snow-job
He's a walking sound-bite

He gains the trust for he really must
So to steal more hard-earned crust
Track Name: Precious Time
Your footprints in the sand
I'm riding on your shoulders
Held firmly in your hands
We clamber o'er the boulders
Sharing laughter and tears
With a sparkle in your eyes
We're dancing through my fears
You dare me to improvise

Precious time, precious grace
Inside this great embrace
Can there be a better place?

We're gazing into the sun
As it nestles into the sea
Recalling all our fun
Through the day's joy-filled spree
Staring into the flames
As we watch the embers smoulder
Your love courses through my veins
I lay down on your shoulder
Track Name: You Can't Do A Thing
I should have seen it coming
The heavy roller was unmanned
Becoming part of the asphalt
Was quite a major clam
It was like a weight loss miracle
The Resurrected Man had a better plan
Breathed His life into my soul's spiracle

Where now is your sting
Wily old Mr D
You can't do a thing
Your power nailed to a tree
Like a wasp without its ass
Your just a black and gold flea

I should've heard it coming
The Bizjet 103
Used my spine as a runway
As I jogged along the beach
Monk and Trane were grooving in my ears
The Resurrected Man had a better plan
Crucified my sin and broke my deathly fear
Track Name: Sundown Suzy
She used to dream
Of a knight riding in shining armour
Then it got jaded
By nightmares of snake-eyed charmers
Inhale the line
Embracing the dark neon rain
In her mind's eye
She hears a hoped-for refrain

Here's to Sundown Suzy
A child of the night
An after hours doozy
But now she's seen the light
Erebus no more surrounds her
In the floodlights of such grace
And through the darkly mirror
She now beholds his face

Her dream fulfilled
Of a knight riding into her life
Giving her strength
Expose the dark to his bright light
This grace - a jailbreak
Freedom from all that's ensnared
With open eyes she hears her longed-for refrain
Track Name: Texas Hold'em Eyes
Woke up this morning
Turned on the smart TV
There's a waxen lady
Praising her paper deity
And a man in a toupee
With Texas Hold'em eyes
It's Dollar signs for paradise

Million cans of hairspray
Diamond encrusted shoes
Strutting across the platform
Like she's escaped from the zoo
Cut to the man in a toupee
And Texas Hold'em eyes
It's Dollar signs for paradise

Can she read my mind
Ball hawk all my rhymes
Is it table turning time

Her powers of persuasion
Reverse psychology
Leave her viewers spellbound
Screw their credit history
Here's the man in the toupee
And Texas Hold'em eyes
It's Dollar signs for paradise
Track Name: Runaway Jack
He staggers in to the dawn
Falls asleep on the lawn
From an all-nighter on the sauce
The princely crown was pawned
Busty girls were fawned
To celebrate the Great Divorce

Runaway Jack, when you comin' back
I'll leave the porch light on
Runaway Jack, when you come on back
I'll put your ring back on

Our man is grooving now
Making people go "Wow"
Touch 'n' Pay is his favourite toy
Wearing designer clothes
Hangin' at Clark Monroe's
It's clear that he's a golden boy

The cards are all maxed out
Can't even buy a sprout
My ass is splintered from this old park bench
I started trudging back
I hope I'm still his Jack
I pray that he'll forgive my stench